Near and Far!

Ages: 7+

Arts & Culture Disciplines: 

  • Film/Video/Radio/TV Production
  • Media Arts
  • Visual Arts

Up close or far away, images communicate a lot of information. Filmmakers use a variety of shot types to share meaning and emotion with viewers.

Close-up shots are taken at close range to show greater detail. They can signal to the viewer that an object of subject is important to the story.

Medium shots are taken at a medium distance from the subject. They are often used for dialogue  and show characters in relation to one another. They give more information about the location or setting of the scene.

Wide shots show an entire character and the surrounding environment.

Let’s watch a short film called Dear Henri.

Watch the film here.

  • What happened in the beginning, middle, and end of this story?
  • How do you think Henri was feeling when her balloon was caught in the tree?
  • What showed you that?
  • Describe the setting of this story.

Now that you have seen the film, let’s look at some of the choices the filmmaker, Matthew Sandager, made.

  • What type of shot do you see – close-up, medium, or wide?
  • What information or emotion do you think the filmmaker trying to communicate with each shot?

Share your answers here.


Take 2 photos of the same thing but with 2 different shots. One can be a close-up and the other a wide or medium shot. You can also go online and search up 2 images of the same thing—like the Statue of Liberty. Pick 2 different shots of the Statue.

Post them here.