Point of View!

Ages: 9+

Arts & Culture Disciplines: 

  • Film/Video/Radio/TV Production
  • Media Arts
  • Visual Arts

When you have a camera, the main question is – where do I point it?

When a filmmaker uses the camera as a character’s eyes, it’s called a point-of-view (POV) shot. The POV shot allows us to “see” something through the eyes of the character.

In the short film, Dear Henri, the filmmaker uses POV shots to help us see the story from Henri’s perspective and to understand her emotions and thoughts in the film. As you watch, pay attention to the story. Do you notice any POV shots?

Watch the film here.

Take a look at these images from the film.

  • How are the POV shots created?
  • Why are they used?


The storyboard below is missing an image. Take your own POV shot with a camera to complete it. You can also draw the image if you’d like. Give the viewer the illusion that they are looking through the character’s eyes.

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